Bringing together both passion & business, we will help you turn your culinary dream into reality. We guide you hand-in-hand to accomplish your vision, from the planning stages to the implementation of the project. Whether you need architects, web designers, app developers or other professionals, our network of contacts around the globe will form the team to realize your idea.

Our consultants specialize in several fields:

Building training programs

With years of experience with culinary schools, as well as our consultants being chefs who have previously led workshops and schools, we will be able to help you understand how to build your own training program or culinary school. We will brainstorm with you, understanding what your strengths are and what your aim is.

We will show you how to showcase those strengths and passions, all the while considering the global demands and interest. The final product you will come to will be a result of your initial seed of an idea put together with the other aspects clients look for in a culinary education program today. Your program will be adapted to fit the global trend, while standing out as a unique and superior product.

Restaurant design

Our consultants will help you design your restaurant in the way you’ve always dreamed of. What is different when you work with us is that we are not architects. We are restaurant design consultants. This means that when we design your restaurant we take into account not only the “simple” design requests, but we also use our experience in the operations side of food businesses to set your restaurant to industry standards.

The kitchen will be optimized for space efficiency versus work efficiency. The dining hall will be acoustically friendly, will maximize diner comfort while accommodating the servers’ needs. Each aspect of your restaurant will merit our attention down to the smallest detail. Our consultants started their way in kitchens and restaurants, and know what needs to happen to make your restaurant ready for success.

Menu and recipe building

Our consultants are chefs, and moreover, they live and breathe the food industry. They spend their time traveling, studying global food trends and immersing themselves in what is happening in the world today. They will work together with you to make sure the menus and recipes you build are new, interesting, considerate of today’s trends and accommodating to the biggest client base possible.

In today’s “world of intolerances”, of paleos, vegans, fruitarians and personal preferences it is hard to build recipes and a menu that can cater to these trends, while remaining true to your signature flavors and unique palate. Let us guide you successfully through this process.

Culinary concept development

This area of expertise refers to anything that is out of the box, or not usually touched upon by consultants. Each person on our team of consultants comes from a different background, together forming a well-oiled machine able to come up with strategies to solve any dilemma. This team will help you develop your culinary app, or the next plant based meat, or the next healthy lunch boxes for schoolkids.

Whatever it be, we will use our strengths and bring in specialists from our wide network of contacts if needed in order to realize your vision.

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