Catalonia 3 days wine tour

During this experience, we will bring you the opportunity to know more about Catalonia through its wines.

Catalan wines are known for their quality and variety. Having twelve Denominación de Orígen, we have chosen an activity focus on the most international and recognizes one's for you: Emporda, Penedes and Priorat.

Tasting some of the best wines in Catalonia and seeing the places where they are made as well as getting to know some of the winemakers in their wines birth places will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Understanding how the Mediterranean Sea, sun and landscape influence the region wine.


We will start our wine tours Spain by visiting L’Empordà region, well-known for their great variety of wines. Their red wines are considered of high quality - full-bodied, well-structured as well as harmonious, and sometimes with an added hues thanks to careful ageing.

The Empordà is located at the Northeastern end of Catalonia. Its vines barely lift a few centimetres from the soil in order to avoid being damage by the tramontana or North winds. On this day, you will enjoy a journey through the land of Salvador Dalí while visiting three iconic wineries guided by their owners, who will unveil some of the secrets of their vines and wines.


Our second stop of the day will be Celler Vinyes d ́Olivardots at Capmany. This winery is placed in the middle of rolling hills, where silence reigns and the view is lost sighting the vines.

The Celler Vinyes d’Olivardots at Capmany will be visited with the oenologist and owner of the state, Carme Casacuberta. Together with the visit to the cellar, its best wines will be tasted in a sampling room with stunning views towards the vineyards.


Our meal will take place in this fantastic restaurant located in the upper part of Campany and very closed to the Oliveda wineries. This restaurant have been restored from an old centenary house to create a cozy and familiar atmosphere. An elaborated cuisine, at the right point of cooking with high quality seasonable products.

We will have the pleasure of trying few more wines from the Empordá that are kept in the restaurant small cellar which is dug in the rock...


Our first day will end by visiting Finca Garbet, which is considered “one of the most Mediterranean wineries in Catalunya.”

In Finca Garbet, one of the sommeliers at the winery will show you the 12 hectares of state land cultivated on terraces orientated to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at the north of the wild Cap de Creus.

There, you will be able to taste two of their spectacular and well-known wines that will leave a good taste in your mouth.


In our second day, we will visit the Do Penedès, where The influence of the sun and Mediterranean Sea makes this area a privilege territory for the culture of the vineyards. This DO includes the major wine production of Catalonia, with more than 25.000 hectares of vineyards.

In this surrounding, you will have the most memorable experience walking through the vines and discovering the best wines of their cellars. It is important to emphasize that the cavas as well as the white, light and aromatic wines are the most popular and outstanding products in this region.


Our first stop will take place in Ca n ́Estella ,a familiar and boutique winery built at the end of XVIII century .Can’Estella is nationally and internationally well-known. It has been recognised with more than 120 international awards in the last 14 years.

In the property, you will be able to see the production of cava as well as tasting their best cavas.


After visiting Ca n ́Estella, we will love to take you to Cava Recaredo, family-owned winery founded in 1924 by Josep Mata Capellades. They only make Gran reserva brut nature cavas, which are aged between 30 months up to over 10 years.

Recaredo cavas express the highly calcareous soil of their vineyards, a Mediterranean micro-climate, and an approach to viticulture that stresses observation over intervention.

During this experience, you will be able to taste the Reserva Particular and the Brut de Brut cava, which are some of their best quality products.


Pere Carda and Maria Torner founded this restaurant in 1982. They wanted to offer an honest cuisine based on tradition, with the best ingredients, flavour and high level. This restaurant is definitely a gastronomic experience that will attain the complicity of your customers.


At the end of the second day, we will be delighted to take you to the historical, age-old and passional winemaking dedication of the Llopart family, who are deeply rooted in the Can Llopart of Subirats Estate.

This unique location with a deep historical background since they belong to the family from 1385 when one of their ancestors was granted with some vineyards. We will end the tour tasting their best products.


Through this experience, we will take our third day to explore the gorgeous region of Priorat, Nowadays, this area is worldwide recognized as the mecca of the Catalan wines.

With their spectacular wines and wineries, Priorat is a very special region since it is not a easy soil, being formed by mountain ranges. However, this region has seduced to a great number of people, who has felt in love with the soil from where the llicorela grows.


In Priorat we will start our journey visiting Joan Simó, a small winery that after belonging to many generations of winemakers is currently owned by Joan Simó, who decided to restore the importance of their state in 1999.

In this winery, you will have the opportunity to do a full visit through the property as well as tasting their most exclusive wines.


Our second stop will be Clos Mogador. It is one of the main wineries in the Priorat region. It has belonged to the same family for generations and its wines are influenced by their passion and intuition.

The passion of René Barbier for Grenache, stimulated the development of a spectacular wine which soon attracted the attention of Robert Parker. You will be able to try the wines that now have become the flagship of Priorat wine.

You will be able to taste the great quality of those wines as well as visiting the winery and their surroundings accompanied by an expert from the state.


For lunch we are pleased to take you to Celler de Gratallops Restaurant, a small and very cosy country restaurant located in an even smaller village in the Priorat region.

In this restaurant your customers will be delighted with their traditional dishes with a modern touch. Again the best food from the area will be paired with the best wines from the region, being the perfect match.


To conclude this fantastic three-days experience, we will head to Clos de l’Obac, a very popular winery, where their wines have an extraordinary power, structure and complexity.

Through the visit to this winery, you will understand how the history and location of this winery has influenced their wines until the point that they are considered among the 150 best wines in the world.

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