Professional Seminar to Lebanon

Obtain the professional skills and techniques required to work in the culinary world while immersing yourself in the local, authentic cuisine and culture We offer intensive 4 week cooking classes in Lebanon in collaboration with the internationally renowned Le Cordon Bleu® the leading Global Network of Culinary arts and Hospitality Management Institutes.

Our experience is an all-inclusive certifying course, unique and diverse in what it has to offer. During our seminar, you will learn and experience first-hand this vast culture and cuisine, in great depth and in a professional setting. As an introductory seminar, we welcome students of all levels who have a basic understanding of the culinary industry, and more importantly- a great passion for the world of gastronomy.

This Trip is ideal for…

  • Cooks who want to upgrade their cooking skills
  • Professionals who are looking for new flavours and exotic dishes
  • Chefs who like to get inspired by other country's traditional dishes
  • Restaurant owners or foodies on the lookout for some authentic food

What we'll do in Lebanon

Marhaba! Welcome to Beirut, Paris of the Middle East - a lively and bustling city, a brilliant mix of French culture & Arabic energy! During this week you will learn the basics of the Lebanese cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu®, focusing on cold and hot mezze as well as cold sauces. In addition, you will get to know your fellow chef-students, stroll around the city and explore the nooks and crannies of Beirut.

The second week of our seminar is full of experiences! This week will begin with a general overview of Lebanese foods and flavors. After that, you will continue with lessons at Le Cordon Bleu®, learning the ins and outs of the different types of Lebanese dough & breads as well as diving into the world of stocks, hot sauces and meat dishes. In addition, you will tour Byblos and hear lectures from some of Lebanon’s rising chefs.

By the third week you will be completely immersed in the Lebanese kitchen, after hours of studying at Le Cordon Bleu®. This week will be devoted to learning about fish & seafood main courses, as well as vegetables and side dishes. You will also take part in lectures and lessons presenting the different aspects of Mediterranean cooking and will have the time and facilities to practice it all.

This is the time to wrap up four great weeks, full of fantastic experiences and learning! By the end of this week you will know your way around sweet sauces, local desserts and advanced mezze recipes. There will be a certificate ceremony followed by a goodbye dinner allowing you a proper farewell from Beirut.