Professional Seminar to Iran

Iran, also known as Persia, is a culture deeply embedded in its own history and traditions. Join our culinary tour in Iran to explore this land, it’s distinct cuisine and its special culture.

Discover the wonders of Isfahan, and the silent beauty of the desert. Persia is a hub of poetic traditions, a mix between traditional and modern, East and West. What are you waiting for?

This Trip is ideal for…

  • Cooks who want to upgrade their cooking skills
  • Professionals who are looking for new flavours and exotic dishes
  • Chefs who like to get inspired by other country's traditional dishes
  • Restaurant owners or foodies on the lookout for some authentic food

Our Professional Seminar in Iran

Iran – Moin Moini – Moin Moini our local Chef in Iran was born in Iran and grew up in Sweden. He graduated from George Brown college in Toronto in 2002, majoring in Culinary Art. Moin had worked around the world in some of most trendy restaurants and brought back with him to Iran his own touch of international cuisine. In Iran, Moin has taught the art of cooking in numerous universities. In addition, he has taken a leading role as an official at various cooking TV shows and competitions. Today, Moin teaches cooking and provides consultations to restaurants, hotels and other culinary organizations. Cooking has become for Moin not only a profession, but also a hobby and a passion. Moin will cook together with you and teach you all the hidden secrets behind his mouth-watering dishes. Come and join us for a first & second cook seminar, pastry course, culinary art, Kitchen management certified courses.