Barista Course

Coffee is such an important part of everyday life, sometimes we even forget that there’s a whole world to this dark, delicious bean.

Aimed at professionals who want to dive even deeper into the world of coffee, our course will provide you with all the knowledge of the Barista profession. We go into details when it comes to the history of coffee, the different bean types and its flavours and discover all the secrets an espresso machine has to offer. Based at our top of the range facilities, each course is taught by no other than the famous Gabriele Cortopassi – an Italian Barista and coffee lover since birth.

Our facilities include professional coffee machines and all the other equipment required for this art, using only the finest coffee beans we can find so that you’ll come out of the course a certified barista.

Quality Coffee Beans & Equipment
Experienced Baristas
Certification Included

This barista course is ideal for...

  • Everybody who loves a good coffee
  • People with high latte-art ambitions
  • Groups of friends looking for a unique activity
  • Cafe-owners who’d like to train their staff

The Barista

Gabriele is an Italian coffee expert and barista school manager. He has worked in many restaurants and bars starting from waiter to bartender, barista, restaurant manager and consultant. In 2006 he started to collaborate with the “Mokaflor” roasting company, and after learning about this fascinating world started his blog “aprireunbar.com”.

In 2012 Gabriele started a collaboration with Italian coffee company “Simone” and opened a barista school in Florence known as “Espresso Academy”. Gabriele is fueled by his passion and love for coffee, whilst being an excellent teacher full of knowledge of this intriguing world.

What you'll Learn

  • History of Coffee

    Day one is focused on the history of coffee, botany and beans. We’ll dive into the processing part and how the beans are harvested - and we’ll learn the effect on its flavour. We will also discuss different coffee lends, and how these require different grinding functions and settings. Then it’s time to get more practical by smelling and tasting good & bad coffees, steaming the milk and getting to know the espresso machine. By the end of the day you’re preparing your very first coffee!

  • .2

    Coffee Making Day

    Day two we’re diving into the world of coffee making a bit more. In addition to your classic black coffee, we mix things up by practicing our blended drinks. Cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites - you name it, and we’ll make it. We’ll be playing around with the settings, tamping and grinding until we encounter perfection. To finish the day, we’ll start foaming it up with an introduction to latte art.

  • Exams & Certifications

    During day three we’ll first ensure you master the skills of latte art. With the help of our barista Gabriele, you’ll be making little foamy leaves or hearts in your cappuccino - or you can get creative as well. To finalise our barista course, we’ll have a practical exam, followed by a certification ceremony.


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