One-Day Barista Workshop with Vascobelo

We are organising a one-day barista course for everyone who loves coffee and wants to learn more about the origin and preparation of our precious black gold. We teamed up with the coffee experts from Vascobelo who will let you explore different coffee flavours and teach you the basic techniques such as tampering, grinding and frothing milk.

The one-day barista workshop takes place in our headquarters in Antwerp, where we provide professional espresso machines and other equipment. Vascobelo will bring us their highest quality of award-winning coffee, so we get to work with the best beans in Belgium. Their professional baristas have extensive knowledge of their products and will be happy to show you the ins & outs of good coffee-making.

About Vascobelo

Vascobelo is a premium Belgian Coffee brand that strives to create an experience that seamlessly blends high-end coffee, style, sophistication together.

In their philosophy coffee isn’t merely a beverage -- Coffee is an experience. And they want to share that unique experience with you. As masters of quality coffee-making, they want to show you the best ways to prepare their delicious beans, and the techniques required to enjoy a cup of their extraordinary coffee.

What we'll do

  • All about coffee

    During the first part of this course, we'll dive into the history of coffee and Vascobelo's unique position in the Belgian coffee industry. We'll talk about the origin of coffee and the different flavours and blends. We'll continue our journey with learning more about the espresso machine and other equipment a barista should have at hand in order to turn beans into a cup of coffee.

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    Preparing your own

    After a lunch break, it's time to get more practical. We'll teach you everything about grinding, tampering and frothing the milk. In no time, you will get to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato under the guidance of one of our professional baristas. And like every barista would know, a clean workspace is key for a good coffee. We'll teach you how to maintain the equipment and what to look out for when you're pouring one cup of coffee after the other.

  • Practical Info

    Our Barista Workshop starts at 10am and will finish around 4pm. We include a short lunch break with some snacks. All material and coffee is included in the price, and you'll go home with all the necessary barista knowledge. We do require a minimun of 5 attendees and will postpone the workshop if this requirement isn't met.


Upcoming Events

Event name Event Time Start date End date Price Booking
Workshop for coffeelovers with Vascobelo 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 03/06/2020 € 55,00 Book now

Includes all material and equipment needed, drinks and light lunch

€ 55,00