There is no doubt about the fact that in order to become a leading chef one must start with the basics; learning knife skills, the five mother sauces, baking and so much more.

However, as many of the world’s leading chefs explain, a much more important part is the ability to create new and exciting tastes and dishes - or in other words - Innovate, based on deep understanding of the ingredients, techniques and foundations of a large variety of world cuisines.

Anthony Bourdain described his first culinary journey to Japan: “My first trip to Japan — a couple of years before Kitchen Confidential — was absolutely life changing. It was like my first acid trip. It was that mind-expanding and climatic. I came back thinking about everything in a completely different way” We believe that the only way to fully understand and appreciate the above is to immerse yourself in the place of origin of the cuisine, tasting the authentic produce and learning secrets from the artisan food producers, leading chefs and home- cooking Mamas.

Whether you are a foodie, a culinary art's student or a professional chef, The Chef's Cut's vast knowledge, years of experience and wide net of connections all over the world will enable you to discover the secrets and magic of diverse cultures and exotic culinary worlds.

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