Culinary trip to Morocco

People travel to Morocco from all around the world to experience its cuisine. In Morocco, food is an essential and complex part of the culture, filled with rituals and traditions. The importance of pouring the tea is equal to how it is steeped, and although dozens of ingredients go into a dish, they all blend perfectly to create a single whole. Morocco’s culinary heritage is vibrantly rich, its history a showcase of influences such as Berber, Moorish, Arab and Mediterranean cuisines.

On this culinary tour, you will cook at the amazing Le Maison Arabe Secret Garden and hotel facilities. Explore the dishes and cooking styles that define this gastronomic paradise. Tour the colourful country, from extraordinary Marrakech to the charming fishing town of Essaouira.

Take a handful of bustling markets, mix with a dash of ocean and season with fresh local produce, then drizzle with warm Moroccan hospitality. These are the makings of an adventure that will forever linger on the tongue and in the memory.

This Trip is ideal for…

  • Foodies and amateur chefs who wish to discover the flavours of North Africa
  • Culinary enthusiasts who want to learn to prepare authentic local dishes
  • Solo-travellers or groups seeking to truly eat like a local
  • Everyone seeking an immersive experience with Moroccan cuisine

What we'll do in Morocco

Food Market Tour

Start your first day with a visit to the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa market, one of the biggest and most bustling squares in Morocco. Your guide will lead you to the best food stalls where you'll learn about the infinite spices, fruits and vegetables. This will be a chance to experience Marrakesh, raw and untouched, with its snake charmers, street artists, local musicians and food vendors all inviting you to taste their secret recipes, handed down from generation to generation. In the afternoon, you will go on a horse-drawn carriage tour to explore Marrakesh landmarks such as the ramparts, the Menora and the Majorelle garden.

Cooking Class with Top Chef

On the second day, you will head over to the tranquil Secret Garden location of La Maison Arabe. Wander among the lush gardens and immerse yourself in the Moroccan colours, designs and patterns around you. Meet Mrs. Wafa who will introduce you to the world of Moroccan gastronomy. Learn about its history and culinary influences, as you get a sense of the past to better understand the present. You will also experience the traditional tea ceremony and Moroccan bread making. In the afternoon, you will master the art of Moroccan cuisine while cooking at the beautiful Secret Garden kitchen.

Introduction to argan oil

The third day will start with a visit to Argan oil production cooperative site. Here you will learn how the oil is manufactured, and about its many benefits both in the health-oriented culinary world as well as in the cosmetics field. Afterwards, you will travel for an overnight stay in the enchanting seaside town of Essaouira. There you will enjoy a guided tour down spice-scented streets, watching fishing nets being mended and cast into the sea, and wandering the many art galleries that line the town as the Alizee coastal breeze caresses your skin.

We’ll then continue on a guided tour of the “Granafei” underground oil mill. We’ll enjoy our afternoon exploring Otranto on a cultural walking tour after which we’ll go on an excursion to a bauxite quarry. We end our day in Lecce with a wonderful dinner.

Cheese and Wine

Day four will have you waking to the sounds of ocean waves in beautiful Essaouira. In the morning, you will participate in a cooking class, followed by a fishing session to get the full Moroccan coastal experience. Afterwards, you will drive to La Fromagerie, a cheese and farm cooperative, to sample local cheeses made by Abderrazak Khoubbane. If lucky, he will also share some of his fascinating stories. Once you’ve had your fill of cheese, you will head over to a winery to taste some Moroccan wines. Later, you will be driven back to your hotel in Marrakesh.

A day to explore

The fifth day will be a free day for you to explore Marrakesh and its surroundings at your own leisure. We will gladly assist you with recommendations and any logistics you may require.

Time to Say Goodbye

On the final day, we’ll get an early start heading out for an excursion in Ourika Valley. Here you will visit splendid gardens dedicated to aromatic and medicinal plants, and a saffron farm (season permitting). You will also get to explore an authentic Berber village. Lunch will be served by the picturesque Ourika River. In the afternoon, you will have the chance to indulge in a rejuvenating massage and the Hamam at La Maison Arabe. A farewell dinner will be hosted by La Maison Arabe in a caidale tent set up at the Secret Garden.

Where we'll stay

In Marrakech, we will stay at a stylish boutique hotel with spacious rooms set in a relaxed atmosphere. And with popular sights in close proximity, there’s no better way to enjoy your time after exploring than from the charming terrace which showcases picturesque views of the city. In Essaouria, we will stay at an elegant hotel with well-furnished rooms that offer an oasis of peace and privacy. The attentive staff spare no effort to make guests feel at home and ensure your stay is unforgettable.

What's included

  • 5 nights of accommodation in boutique hotels
  • All meals including beverages
  • A private minivan for the duration of the tour, with soft drinks and snacks on board
  • A tour leader who will accompany you on the whole trip
  • Hands-on cooking classes where you will receive all recipes
  • Culinary tours
  • Workshops & tastings

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