A farm to table tour in the area of Sparta, Eumelia is perfect for adventurous, travel-friendly food lovers. This tour has specifically been put together for these foodies who are looking to discover the fresh and very healthy Greek cuisine and terroir in a very unique yet increasingly popular farm to table experience. Getting to live the rich history and culture of the Greeks that dates back thousands of years whilst enjoying their exceptional and wholesome cuisine is an experience that you surely don’t want to turn down. Accompanied on this eventful tour by a Chef’s Cut representative, we will get hands-on experience when it comes to Greek produce and cuisine, organic meals, cooking classes and of course, we will get to enjoy the beautiful Greek architecture and natural scenic landscapes.

  • The rich Greek soil, the golden sun, and the fresh ingredients attracted people to Greece from the very early ages and still continue to do so. It is to experience these beautiful attributes of the Greek culture and cuisine that we have put together this enjoyable farm to table tour. However, the best aspect of this tour is that we will get to stay at the Eumelia organic agro-tourism farm with the Greek farmers where we will get to cook and live with them and, therefore, experience the authentic Greek way of living. What’s more, a variety of health and holistic are available for you on site. We will feel more connected to the Earth and nature as we will be getting our high quality daily produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, directly from the garden. A number of exciting activities await us in Greece, including wine tasting in the vineyard and olive oil harvesting and tasting with the locals!

Introduction to farm to table

The first day of our exciting farm to table tour will begin with your arrival to Eumelia where you will be welcomed by a delicious zero kilometer farm to table dinner prepared by our chef. Eumelia’s organic vegetables are combined with local delicacies to form an original and unique culinary experience.

Sustainability tour & bread making

The second day of the tour will kick start with a homemade, handmade breakfast of Eumelian specialties including lavender butter cookies, rosemary chocolate cake, fresh handmade bread with gs and olives, and various infusions with wild herbs. Breakfast will be followed by an informative sustainability tour that will allow us to learn about environmental technology, organic farming methods, and self- sustainability. After the tour, we will participate in a fun- lled cooking class with the farm chef followed by lunch. Here, you will learn to prepare your very own sourdough bread with locally sourced and milled organic our. We will also pick fresh wild herbs and greens, prepare lo dough and make the infamous local pitas. What’s more, you will get to pick fresh produce of your choice from Eumelia’s farms and cook your very own traditional Greek dishes with a twist. The cooking session will be followed by a basic Greek culinary language class where you will learn basic Greek for the kitchen, ordering food at a tavern, and shopping for groceries at the local Greek market. The day comes to an end with the farm to table dinner.

Wine tour and tasting

The organic homemade, handmade breakfast gives way to an olive oil tasting session where you will learn to distinguish extra virgin olive oil, the varieties of olive oil, how to store it properly, and see the 2000-year- old perennial olive oil trees that you can hide in the trunks of! After a farm to table lunch, we will indulge in Greek natural wine tasting and food pairing session. We will nd out about the grape varieties in Greece through the ve natural organic wines which are paired with local cheeses and cured meat. Walking through the vineyards, we will also learn about the history and the biodynamic practices of wine followed in Greece. And nally, a farm to table dinner brings the day to an end.

Discover the local area and surroundings

The fourth day of our farm to table culinary Greek tour will depend on the season. The three options are as follows:

• Option 1: Visit the historic ancient city of Sparta, the local microbrewery that makes artisan beers, and the olive oil museum in Sparta followed by dinner at one of the unique taverns in Laconia

• Option 2: Visit the impressive caves near the village of Kastania, have lunch at the Neraida, visit the seaside Byzantine Castletown of Monemvasia, liquor tasting and dinner at the best restaurant in the castle with a culinary history of over 50 years

• Option 3: Visit the historic ancient city of Sparta, the local microbrewery that makes artisan beers, local shery cultivation in the mountain Taygetos, the olive oil museum in Sparta followed by dinner at one of the most unique taverns in Laconia

Time to say goodbye

The Greek farm to table olive oil immersion tour comes to an end on the fifth day with an organic homemade, handmade breakfast followed by your departure from Eumelia.

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