Corporate Events

Strengthening the team spirit within the company is an important part of most organizations. A good synergic team works more efficiently and can face greater challenges resulting in better performance. So why not plan your next team event around something that everybody loves? We offer finger-licking good team events - specially tailored to all those foodies within the team.

We design Corporate Events with your unique company in mind. In our venue in Antwerp, we can organise workshops and team building activities, like sensational wine tastings or hands-on barista courses. In addition to our workshops and activities, we also create tailored made culinary weekends and trips to exciting destinations. All of our trips include the best local experiences, with beautiful hosts along the way.


We are specialised in organising culinary activities for small and medium-sized groups and have been creating the most unique corporate events for many years. We only work with trustworthy partners, both in Belgium and on our trips abroad. That's how we ensure authentic and real food experiences, for your company to enjoy.

If you're looking for a unique team-building event for your company, we would like to refer you to our Corporate Evens Manager. Together, we will create an activity, tour, workshop or trip that suits your team best.

Wine Tastings

During our wine tastings, we explore a selection of wines of different areas. Based on your team's preferences we can either dive into a popular wine area in France or Italy, or explore a lesser-known wine region such as Montenegro or Lebanon. Our wine tasting can come with food-pairing or without and the selection of food is discussable as well.

Barista Courses

A perfect team-building event for all coffee aficionados is our barista workshop. We work together with our Italian barista and the coffee experts of Vascobelo, and can offer workshops ranging from 1 to 3 days. Your team will get to know everything about the history of coffee, the different types of beans, the use of the espresso machine and the skills of mastering latte art. We make it a fun day, full of tasting, trying and - of course - lots of coffee.

Culinary Weekends & Adventures

The best way to bond with your team is going on a trip together. We build customised company tours that are all about good food. We can either explore our own country and dive into its best national dishes, go for a weekend away to explore German or French wine regions, or broad our horizon by discovering exotic cuisines such as the Lebanese or Balkan dishes.

Our trips can focus on cooking classes and workshops to get some hands-on experience, but no worries if your team doesn't like to find their inner chef. We can customise a trip for you that focuses on culinary activities that everyone enjoys, including wine tastings, visiting oyster farms, going to local markets and of course trying the best restaurants the region has to offer.

All of our trips can be made to your own specific requirements regarding dates, destinations, transport, guides and number of attendees. Please get in touch for any more info.