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Our wine evening are the ideal way to have fun with your friends, family or colleagues. But what can you expect? Are there strict etiquette rules for a wine tasting that you have to stick to? And how exactly do you taste a wine? In this blog, we gladly guide you through all your questions.

What happens at a wine tasting evening?

Talking. Learning. Tasting. Laughing. Everything that’s good in life. You can enjoy a rich variety of red, white and rose wines presented by the best sommeliers of France and Italy.

During the wine tasting, you get a fascinating insight into the different regions and characteristics of the Italian and French wines. All the wines are also accompanied by a complementing, delicious regional produce.

To summarize: it’s the perfect combination of fun and facts. At the end of the evening you won’t be a certified sommelier, but you’ll undoubtedly sound like one.

How do you taste a wine?


It’s all about how it looks. You can get a lot of information out of the colour and opacity of the wine: the approximate age, grape variety, the amount of alcohol and acidity. But don’t spend more than three seconds on this step, because the sommelier already informs you about these characteristics.


Swirling is the ideal way to release the wine’s aromas. If you aren’t familiar with this technique, you should place your glass on the table and make a few circles with the base. A flat surface gives you maximum control.

Experienced wine drinkers can pick up the glass and slightly flick their wrist, thereby making small circles in the air. If you are a circus performer or a politician, you can also make grandiose motions and gestures while swirling.


A smell nearly gives away everything about a wine. You can experience three different aromas:

  • The primary aromas come from the type of grape and the climate where it grows.
  • Secondary aromas can tell you something about the fermentation process.
  • Tertiary aromas uncover the age of the wine.


We pick up different texture and flavours on different parts of our tongue. After taking a sip, you must swirl the wine around in your mouth. In that way you ensure the wine coats all the surfaces.

Do you have to spit or swallow the wine?

You’re totally welcome to do either. Usually we take a look at about 6 wines. If that’s a lot for you, makes sure you won’t get overly intoxicated. You still get a sense of the wine of you just sip, swish and spit.

Are you the designated driver? Then definitely spit, because even the smallest sips can influence your driving skills. Those who want to have a carefree evening can come to us by public transport. Our office is located in the city centre and therefore easily accessible by subway, train or bus.

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Wine experience

Are there any tips to fully enjoy the wine tasting?

Ask questions and take notes

There isn’t a set of biblical laws, but we do have a couple of tips. First and foremost: do not be afraid to ask questions. You do not often get the chance to learn from a qualified and famous Master of Wine. Our sommeliers really appreciate a curious mind and they are happy to guide you through the tasting. Shoot!

Also, you may not remember everything you learn. Because it is, yes, a wine evening. Just note down the wines that you like and some keywords about the background information. Of course, it is not a dictation and you are not at school. Keep it short and fun!

Take a sip of water

The flavours of all the different wines can interfere with each other. That’s why we offer water and a complimenting dish with each wine. You have to take a sip of water or a bite between two different wines, so you can cleanse your palate.

Hold your glass by the stem

You should avoid holding the glass by the bowl, because your tasting ability can be influenced by the temperature of the wine. It’s better to grab the stem when you take a sip.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Each wine is accompanied by a complimenting dish, so please do eat. You may drink more than you expected, because even the smallest sips can quickly add up. Try to consciously enjoy all the flavours and aromas of the wines.

Have we got your attention? Get in touch!

Do you have any questions? Or are you interested in a wine tasting? Do not hesitate to contact our staff. They are happy to help you out. And to take the necessary steps to make your evening happen.

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