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Farm to table is a popular trend in the culinary world. At The Chef’s Cut, we also like to pay attention to local food. In this blog, you can read more about the concept and our farm to table trips to Italy, Greece, and Morocco.

What is farm to table?

Sometimes the name says it all. In the concept of farm to table, there is a direct line of vegetables, meat, fish and other products between the producer on the one hand and restaurants or markets on the other. The producer can be:

  • a farmer,
  •  a fishery,
  • a winery,
  • a brewery and so on.

The products, therefore, come straight from the field, farm or sea to the kitchen, without the intervention of the food processing industry, retailers or supermarkets. That way, you know exactly where the food comes from and how it’s produced.

Lovers of the farm to table movement often complain about the food industry. They point out the bland taste of industrial food, the low nutritional value, contaminated fruit and vegetables, the disappearance of local farms and the lack of clarity regarding where the food comes from.

Why should you prefer local food?


Taste the freshness and eat healthier


The road to your plate is not long, making local food extremely fresh. Moreover, fruit and vegetables have sufficient time to ripen. As a result, they have more vitamins and minerals. Food from the supermarket, on the other hand, was picked when it was still green, which means that there are fewer nutrients.

Get to know the cuisine and culture


When you come along on one of our farms to table trips, we discover how the food is produced in the local farms. We also take you to the kitchen of local restaurants. Famous chefs show you how to make typical local dishes with the local ingredients and produce.

That way, you will not only get to know the local culinary habits, but also the people and the traditions. And if you are a linguistic genius, maybe a word or two of the local dialect.

Help local farmers and traditions


You are supporting your local farmers with every product you eat or purchase. The farm has often been in the family for generations. That’s why the farm is rich in traditions, stories, and customs. All these things can disappear through industrialization.

Travel to Italy, Greece or Morocco


At The Chef’s Cut, we love local food. We, therefore, like to focus on locally grown farm products and area restaurants. From Italy and Greece to Morocco: we have farm-to-table concepts in many countries around the world.

Interested in getting to know the people, the local cuisine and the culture? Contact us below for more information about these concepts.

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Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact our staff. They are happy to help you out. And to take the necessary steps to make your farm to table experience happen.

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