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Italian cuisine is best known for pasta dishes and pizza. But did you know that Italians are also particularly good at making desserts? In this blog, The Chef’s Cut tells you a bit more about Italian desserts like tiramisu, brutti ma buoni, panna cotta and sbrisolona. If you are on a diet, you should stop reading now. Seriously.


If you want a good excuse to eat tiramisu without feeling guilty: consider it a medicine. This dessert is often given to the sick to bring them back on top. The name therefore means ‘pick me up’. The delicious combination of biscuit, cocoa, mascarpone, coffee and egg will undoubtedly give you an energy boost.

Tiramisu consists of several layers. You have the long biscuits, which are saturated with strongly cooled coffee and an alcoholic beverage like cognac or rum. On the biscuits comes a mixture of mascarpone and egg yolks in combination with sugar and protein. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on the dessert to finish it off.

There is a discussion about the origin of tiramisu, but the dessert probably comes from the Veneto region. Tiramisu is also a rather ‘young’ dessert. It has only appeared in Italian dictionaries and cookbooks since 1980.


Torta sbrisolona – which literally means crumbly cake – is a typical Italian dessert from the northern Italian countryside, outside Mantua. It was created around the 16th century and has always been a popular dessert among poor families.

It is a hard cake made of flour, maize flour, almonds, sugar and butter. Serve this almond cake with an espresso or a glass of dessert wine as the perfect end to a cosy dinner.

Brutti ma Buoni

Are you allergic to hazelnuts? Then brutti ma buoni can become a certain, but tasty death. We’re just kidding. Or aren’t we? Brutti ma buoni is a typical Italian desserts cookie with hazelnut, originally from a small town near Varese called Gavirate. If you translate the name, you literally get ‘ugly, but good’. With the emphasis on ‘good’.

The cookies became more and more popular over the years, with a lot of Italian celebrities that just can’t get enough of them. Giuseppe Verdi or Queen Elena, for example. The latter loved them so much that she used to visit a little shop in person.

Panna Cotta

The name says it all: panna cotta literally means ‘cooked cream’. The basic ingredients are cream, milk, sugar and gelatine. And did we mention cream already? A lot of it, to be precise.

You can finish the dish with berries, caramel, chocolate or raspberry sauce. Unless you are a lover of ‘less is more’, of course.

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