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Forget about a vacation on the beach or in the mountains. Culinary tourism is convincing more and more food lovers lately. And there is a good reason for it. Not only do you get to know the kitchen of a certain country or city, but also the local traditions and people. In this blog, The Chef’s Cut tells you more about it.

What is culinary tourism?

There are a lot of reasons people are travelling around the globe: the weather, scenery, architecture and so on. The purpose of culinary tourism or food tourism is the exploration of the food of a certain country, region or city.

Isn’t it mouth-watering? An entire vacation will be planned around food. Just think about visiting local markets, cooking with local chefs and authentic dining experiences. Not only do you get to taste the local cuisine, but you also unravel all secrets and charms of traditional dishes.

Make no mistake about it: you will not become a full-fledged chef of the local traditional cuisine in a couple of days or weeks. But culinary tourism truly is the perfect way for professional chefs or food lovers to broaden their horizons or to perfect their cooking skills.

The Chef’s Cut lets customers discover the secrets and magic of the culinary world with culinary tours and professional seminars.

Culinary tours

The Chef’s Cut can take food lovers to the far corners of our planet in search of the most unique and characteristic cuisines. Would you like to travel to the culinary capitals of Europe? In Spain, we explore the most important gastronomic establishments of Barcelona. We also discover the secrets behind the preparation of the famous Tapas.

Furthermore, you can join us on a trip to the Trappist Alley of Westmalle and the Brussels Chocolate Tour in Belgium. Or travel with us to Puglia, Italy’s ‘heel’ on the South East Coast. The area has wineries, pizzerias and small typical restaurants in abundance.

Are you a fan of the Middle Eastern cuisine? Then a native home chef tells you all the secrets of the Turkish kitchen in the thriving metropolis of Istanbul. Or you can go on a food tour in Tehran, the culinary center of Iran.

Professional seminars

Have you always dreamed of getting a cooking class from a local master in the country itself? Or are you a professional cook who wants to immerse himself in the culture and dishes of a particular country? Then sign up for one of the many professional seminars of The Chef’s Cut.

For example, you can cover all the basic aspects of the Lebanese kitchen in a wide range of cooking classes. Or travel with us to Morocco to experience the wonders of the Tajine, couscous and traditional tea.

You can also book a seven-day trip to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. There you get to know the history of Thai cuisine, kitchenware, spices and herbs in different cooking classes.

Is the European kitchen more your cup of tea? Then go to Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian for our 3 weeks Spanish cooking class to reveal the secrets of the Spanish cuisine. Or fly with us to Rome for an authentic Italian cookery course.

Have we got your attention? Get in touch!

Do you have any questions? Or are you interested in culinary tours or professional seminar? Do not hesitate to contact our staff. They are happy to help you out. And to take the necessary steps to make your culinary journey happen.



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