About The Chef's Cutt

It all started with a passion for food. A passion that we wanted to share. We are a team of enthusiastic foodies who are always on the lookout for new experiences. We love discovering local cuisines and new ingredients. And we love sharing this adventure with our Chef's Cut family.

"We are less white tablecloth dining and more come-as-you-are. We invite everyone who loves food to join us on our culinary explorations."

Our Mission

We believe that the best way to learn is through one’s own personal experience; if you want to understand a culture you must visit its place of origin, meet the local people and become a part of the local vibe. In addition, we believe that through our passion for food we can bring people together from all around the world – different cultures, languages and cuisines..

What we do

We create real food experiences. In order to unite people with a shared passion for food - we organise culinary events of all types. During our culinary trips, we explore the globe in search of the most authentic and flavourful recipes. Our wine evenings are a way to bond over a good bottle of red or white with a local group in Antwerp. Baristas in spe can join our course to master the skills of latte art. And our professional chefs are invited to join us on a professional seminar in the most exotic destinations.